Visiting Scholar Dr. Ruth Stilwell Gives Talk on Space Operations and US Airspace above 20km

February 21, 2018
Dr. Ruth Stilwell, a visiting scholar at SPI, gave the following talk in our offices on her research topic, Space Operations and US Airspace Above 20km

Space Operations and US Airspace Above 20km

The focus is on integrating new entrants in commercial space and
unmanned aircraft in civil airspace above 60,000 ft.  The airspace
between 20km and 100km will be the first trulymixed-usee airspace for
aviation and space operators. High altitude pseudo satellites,
airborne launch platforms, high endurance unmanned vehicles,
hypersonic suborbital flights and vehicles transiting to and from
space will need to co-exist in this airspace.  We have learned from
low earth orbit that the path from lightly occupied to congested,
contested and competitive is short.  Building an operational concept
for the management of this stratum with the diverse mission and
operational needs of emerging technologies in mind is needed to promote
innovation and growth in these industries, while maintaining safe and
equitable access.