Plans of Study

In addition to their core requirements, students have taken the following courses to complete their master's objectives in a field relevant to their interests:

EHS 6227: Human Health and Spaceflight
IAFF 6145: US Space Policy
IAFF 6158: Issues in Space Policy
IAFF 6148: Space and National Security
IAFF 6146: Space Law
IAFF 6502: Geospatial Law and Policy
IAFF 6186: Intelligence for Business
IAFF 6502: Technology for International Crisis Response
IAFF 6186: Military Technology Assessment
IAFF 6503: Intro to Gaming and Simulation
IAFF 6503: Congress and Foreign Policy
IAFF 6186: Political Risk Analysis
IAFF 6158: Science and Energy Policy
IAFF 6255: Science and Technology Policy Analysis
GCON 6502: Formation of Government Contracts
EMSE 6001: Management of Technology
EMSE 6502: Management of Risk
EMSE 6820: Program and Project Management
PPPA 6077: Program Management
PPPA 6051: Governmental Budgeting
PPPA 6006: Policy Analysis
PPPA 6085: Science and US Politics
PMGT 6231: Lobbying
IBUS 6401: International Business Strategy
LGAF 6240: Legislative Writing
ECON 6255: Economics of Technological Change
HIST 6030: History and International Affairs

Sample Syllabi

The following syllabi contain examples of the course matter and semester schedule for graduate and undergraduate space policy courses taught by Dr. Pace.

Graduate (IAFF 6145): US Space Policy Syllabus

Undergraduate (IAFF 3190): US Space Policy Syllabus