Plans of Study

In addition to their core requirements, students have taken the following courses to complete their master's objectives in a field relevant to their interests:

EHS 6227: Human Health and Spaceflight
IAFF 6145: US Space Policy
IAFF 6158: Issues in Space Policy
IAFF 6148: Space and National Security
IAFF 6146: Space Law
IAFF 6502: Geospatial Law and Policy
IAFF 6186: Intelligence for Business
IAFF 6502: Technology for International Crisis Response
IAFF 6186: Military Technology Assessment
IAFF 6503: Intro to Gaming and Simulation
IAFF 6503: Congress and Foreign Policy
IAFF 6186: Political Risk Analysis
IAFF 6158: Science and Energy Policy
IAFF 6255: Science and Technology Policy Analysis
GCON 6502: Formation of Government Contracts
EMSE 6001: Management of Technology
EMSE 6502: Management of Risk
EMSE 6820: Program and Project Management
PPPA 6077: Program Management
PPPA 6051: Governmental Budgeting
PPPA 6006: Policy Analysis
PPPA 6085: Science and US Politics
PMGT 6231: Lobbying
IBUS 6401: International Business Strategy
LGAF 6240: Legislative Writing
ECON 6255: Economics of Technological Change
HIST 6030: History and International Affairs

Sample Syllabi

The following syllabi contain examples of the course matter and semester schedule for graduate and undergraduate space policy courses.

Graduate (IAFF 6145): US Space Policy Syllabus

Undergraduate (IAFF 3190): US Space Policy Syllabus