Doctoral Work in Space Policy

The Space Policy Institute focuses on master's degrees in International Science and Technology Policy and does not currently offer a doctoral program. However, Institute faculty participate on dissertation committees related to space policy in cooperation with other departments and program at George Washington University. The following is a list of doctoral dissertations completed in association with the Space Policy Institute:


by Weeden, Brian, PhD., The George Washington University, 2017
by Balta, Athena, PhD., The George Washington University, 2016

National, Regional and Sectoral Innovation Systems in China: General Overview and Case Studies of Renewable Energy and Space Technology Sectors
by Besha, Patrick, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 2013, 302 pages; 3557557


Galileo: Power, pride and profit. The relative influence of realist, ideational, and liberal factors on the Galileo satellite program
by Gleason, Michael P., Ph.D., The George Washington University, 2009, 360 pages; AAT 3338912


The evolution of the NASA Earth Observing System: A case study in policy and project formulation
by Leshner, Richard Benjamin, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 2007, 387 pages; AAT 3275144


Space in environmental diplomacy: Exploring the role of earth observing satellites for monitoring international environmental agreements
by Johnston, Shaida Sahami, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 2006, 223 pages; AAT 3199919


Mars wars: A case history of agenda-setting and alternative generation in the American space program
by Hogan, Thor Nels, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 2004, 301 pages; AAT 3124606


Mission control: principal agent theory as a model for national security policy decisions
by Day, Dwayne A., Ph.D., The George Washington University, 2000, 251 pages; 44715401


China's space activities, policy and organization, 1956-1986
by Chen, Yanping, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 1999, 340 pages; AAT 9931130


Organizing space: The political-bureaucratic dynamics through 1961
by Temple, Lafayette Parker, III, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 1999, 468 pages; AAT 9931152


United States commercial space launch policy implementation, 1986--1992
by Reed, Craig Russell, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 1998, 438 pages; AAT 9817630


Billion dollar technology: The origins of communications satellite technology (1945--1965)
by Whalen, David Joseph, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 1997, 316 pages; AAT 9716027


The evolution of the NASA-DoD relationship from Sputnik to the lunar landing
by Erickson, Mark Alan, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 1997, 665 pages; AAT 9726648


Earth Observations Satellite Data Policy: Process and Outcome
by Shaffer, Lisa, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 1994, 200 pages; AAT 9416583


Organized interests and the politics of the United States space station
by Hitchcock, Henry Hansel, Ph.D., The George Washington University, 1993, 493 pages; AAT 9316111