Courses Listed by Semester

The following courses have been or will be offered within the International Science and Technology Program which includes students pursuing studies within The Space Policy Institute and Institute for International Science and Technology Policy:
Fall 2015
IAFF 6141.10 International Science and Technology Policy Cornerstone
IAFF 6145.10 U.S. Space Policy
IAFF 6148.10 Space and National Security
IAFF 6158.10 Cyber & Information Policy
IAFF 6158.11 Science, Technology and Policy Analysis
IAFF 6158.12 Cybersecurity
Spring 2016
IAFF 6142.10 Technology Creation and Diffusion
IAFF 6146.10 Space Law
IAFF 6153.10 Science, Technology and National Security
IAFF 6158.10 Issues in Space Policy
IAFF 6158.11 Energy Policy
IAFF 6158.12 Cybersecurity
IAFF 6158.13 Science, Technology & International Development
IAFF 6159.10 ISTP Capstone
Summer 2016
IAFF 6158.11 International Sustainable Energy Development
Fall 2016
IAFF 6148.10 Special Topics in Space Policy
IAFF 6158.13 Renewable Energy in a Decarbonizing World
IAFF 6158.12 Cybersecurity 
IAFF 6118.22 Applied Qualitative Methods
IAFF 6141.10 International Science and Technology Policy Cornerstone 
IAFF 6158.11 Science, Technology and Policy Analysis
IAFF 6145.10 U.S. Space Policy
Spring 2017
IAFF 6142.10 Technology Creation and Diffusion
IAFF 6153.10 Science, Technology, and National Security
IAFF 6158.12 Cybersecurity 
IAFF 6158.11 Energy Policy
IAFF 6159.10 ISTP Capstone 
IAFF 6146.10 Space Law
IAFF 6151.10 Environmental Policy 
IAFF 6158.10 Issues in Space Policy
Summer 2017
IAFF 6158.12 Cybersecurity