2nd EU-US Space Policy Conference

The Delegation of the European Union to the United States, the State Department and the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University invite you to the 2nd edition of the EU-US Space Policy Conference. The conference will cover the following issues:
i) Presentation of EU space strategy and U.S. perspective;
ii) Space for society: what policymakers in the U.S. and the EU can do together; 
iii) New business models in space: What companies expect from policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic;
iv) Using space in a secure and safe environment: Opportunities for like-minded partners.
The European Union has emerged as a significant actor in global space, with $13 billion invested in Galileo and Copernicus over 2014-2020. Now that its programs have become operational in a fast changing global context for space, the European Commission has proposed a new Space Strategy for Europe in October 2016. International cooperation is a core tenet of this strategy. The United States, as the European Union's prime partner and ally in space, has a keen interest in the new EU space strategy and its potential for new avenues of cooperation.
This conference will therefore discuss ways to foster the use of space-based services (Earth observation, navigation, satellite communications for broadband) and to develop cooperation in new areas such as space surveillance and tracking, space weather or space and security. It will also address new entrepreneurship and business opportunities in the space sector, how to strengthen U.S. and European capabilities, and challenges to current governing frameworks.

This event is by invitation only